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Light Gray Ritz Timber Candle

Light Gray Ritz Timber Candle

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Special occasions occur throughout the year and Ritz Timbers® are the perfect accessories to make those times truly memorable. Each candle is hand-brushed with either a gold or pearl finish. 

Timber Taper Candles are known throughout the industry as the original hand-poured, distress-textured candles. They display a warm glow and boast phenomenally long burn times. The fully-refined, food-grade paraffin wax has been hydro treated to remove impurities and color. The result is a wax that is water clear, odorless and smokeless during burning.

We use only 100% cotton wicks from the U.S. and fine dyes from Germany. Our Timber Candles have been tested by the independent SGS Laboratory in France.

We are pleased to announce that the results have confirmed that our candles are indeed clean.

Dimensions (4.5"H): 4.5"W X 4.5"H
Dimensions (6"H): 3"W x 3"D x 6"H

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